Sunday, May 02, 2010

time to say goodbye

It had crossed my mind that this blog thingy is starting to get old (for me that is) and many times had i contemplated on shutting down this one. Of cos i would still love to still update those who are close to the heart on the joys and worries and all the other random going ons here Down Under. And furthermore, I also do have very fond memories logged right in the beginnings of this blog of my life before I met the man of my dreams and our courtship together.

This blog was a place that i expressed myself as a teen trying to find herself in God's plan. Its where I shared my joy of my courtship with J together. And it was a place of refuge when I was away from home and dreadfully honesick. Though I was never good with that, it had been a place where I shared wholesome healthy meals and also cupcake and cakes that I had tried out over the years.

Not too long ago, I realised that I had changed and matured alot since 5 years ago. And this space is no longer one that encourages me to write but instead suffocates and made me run away from it. So dear readers, where ever u are and if anyone is still reading this, I have come to made the hard decision of closing this down. It feels kind of sad.....but I realise the need to close this chapter in my life and move on....Goodbye bloggy, i know i havent showed much care and attention to u over the last few years. I wanna enjoy bloggin but always seem to find myself with a writer's block whenever i come to this place. Forgive me but we just have to say farewell for good.......or maybe for just a moment....i dunno. Pardon me but I have gotta admit that we women are fickle minded creatures.

Aussie Wife....

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'm craving for a lemon pie!!!!

I left my camera charger somewhere in SG and now, my camera battery is running dangerously low. Thus,the lack of pics which lead to a lack of posts. I am very much a visually stimulated person and with no pics to show, there's just no inspiration to blog. ANyways, we had visitors over tonight and I made a Lemon & lime chiffon pie with a polenta crust which was absolutely delectable. It is so smooth, so moussey, so meringuey.....and the tangy taste of lemon and mouth is starting to water thingking of it. And what's best about it is that it doesn't require any cream added to it. So it is just a light and yummy pie that keeps you coming back for more.

Since being in Aus, I 've realised that I have nurtured a love for citrusy desserts. Esp if it is lemon or lime based. The tanginess of the fruit gives a very refreshing and light mouthfeel. Never leaving one feeling too heavy from having too much. If I can get eggs tml and if I can get my camera working someway or another, I would definitely make this pie tml and blog the recipe here soon. Lord willing.....

Its the long Ester weekend!!!! 4 days of holiday!!! It has been a while since Josh is able to spend some quality time with us. What are we going to do.....there's just so much we want to do!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maybe I'm just not good enough.....

My kids are respectively 3 years and 3 months old. My life have barely started with them but I've already gone through many days thinking myself as a lousy mother.People often say that it gets easier with each additional kids. I just hope they are talking about it in the long term sense.....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I know, I know....I have been doing that disappearing act again.....Its so much harder to be able to blog with two wanting ur full attention to something amazing she is doing at the moment and with the other, just wanting to suckle all day long. Okay okay......its partly due to my procrasting blogging nature too.....Well, there's just times when I just want to kick back after a long hot day and read what other people have to say and not say a thing.

While I was away from blogasphere, I have been cooking (or baking) a storm up in my kitchen. For an engagment party and also for my little angel 3rd bdae. It seems like I spent my whole life waiting to turn 18 and be independent. And it took ages......and ages and ages....And since the day I turn 18, time just fly pass me like it never had. Take the birth of my 2nd bub for example, he is already an adorable 8 weeks old bub with those chubby cheeks that one can hardly resist from pimching it.

Over the last couple of weeks, my fridge and pantry were never short of sweet stuff like brownies, truffles, ganache ,caramel,mousse and essential baking ingredients like butter, milk, flour, sugar, eggs...i'm sure u get the picture. And as u can expect, both J and T enjoyed surprising themselves with a little sweet thing every night after dins dins and looked forward to a spoon or a bowl to lick after each baking session. "Just an occassional treat..." they will say and helped themselves to more the following day and then night much for a treat.

I'm just glad that now with those two big events over and that my house is practically....almost clean of all those indulgent sweet things. Of everything that I had baked.......there was one, just one that stood out and seduced me with its depth of flavour and fudgy melt in the mouth texture. Its just a simple brownie recipe really......but with the addition of Guinness in it.....The maltiness of it just brought out the deep rich notes of the dark chocolate. Its one recipe that's going into my hadnwritten recipe book to be passed down to generations to come. Yup, its that good. So good that I just have to bake it another time......u know.....just to make sure that its really good. =)

Let's cut the talking and here's the pics......

For the engagement party,

peach spelt cake for the gluten intolerance

Guinness brownies &.....

....Bailey's Truffles for the chocoholics

Lemon creme & Raspberry Mousse Tartlets &..... ispahan cuppies for the petite fours lover.

For a dear gurlfren's bdae,

chocolate torte served with raspberry compote & whipped cream

For Tashy's 3rd bdae,

Flower dessert pots with 5 different layers that consists of: brownie base, fresh raspberries, milk choc caramel mousse, dark choc ganache & topped off with hazelnut dirt.

included a white cake with lemon cream & raspberries covered in white choc ganache as a last minute decision....which explains the poorly decorated cake..=P

this coming fri, i would heading off to SG to spend some much anticipated tiime with my family. Hoping to be able to do some baking before then and while i'm away.....Guess i can be hopeful for the way, one of my church fren has been supplying organic wholegrain & others such as spelt, buckwheat, millet etc for a really reasonable price. I'm def gg to experiment with these dif flours in my baking n come up with dessertsith a more of a wholesome twist to them. To healthy home baking!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An awesome birth and a surprise!

Right after the birth of Toby Higgs

If you have not heard, our gorgeous little boy (still nameless at the moment) was delivered via waterbirth on the 25/11 at 9.28pm. It was such an empowering birth that I truly believe all women should be entitled to this form of birthing to rid any negative thoughts associated with birth. There were no rush, no intervention of any manner, no bright lights, no schedule to follow. I was simply encouraged to follow my instincts, to listen to my body, allowed to work through each surge in dimmed surroundings to the sound birds chirping (it was the only CD avaliable at the room which i din't think was too new age, it however made me feel like I was birthing in a forest which was awesome!).

One day old

Thouugh early labour lasted longer this time round (36 hours in comparison to 29hours), no real discomfort was felt at all. I got to admit this time that childbirth is really about letting your body go, accepting each surge (contraction) as it comes and not be afraid. Experience does play a great part in not getting to anxious or fear thus the elimination or decrease sensation of discomfort.

The proud big sister

Anyways, we were truly surprised to have been blessed with a little boy since there seem to be like a 99.9% chance that our baby would be a girl. I was so certain that we would have a girl that I even have girl's clothings bought and ready to dress our new baby in it. SO surprise surprise! The Higgs line continue!!!!! For the unknown, Josh is actually the last remaining Higgs male and thus the pressure is/was on to have a male heir (however not as much pressure as in the asian culture i must say). Everyone esp Josh's granddad was exceptionally joyful at this occasion.

And 3 weeks have passed since little Tobs was born and this time round, i think if I do not have to go through being HUGE for 10months with baby, I would be game to have any kid any day.....maybe....=P

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Things that I have been up to for the past month....

For my MIL's 50th b'dae, I made her this chocolate mango and coconut cream cake which is just so light and refreshing. Since I know everyone who were going to devour this cake (i.e my in laws) will appreciate it if it is a healthy cake, I braved it out with light coconut cream, using genoise instead of sponge layers etc. It turned out fantastic, the mango and coconut flavours fused so very nicely and it was just perfect for a spring b'dae.

Made this for Sandy's (my cousin in law's) early morning b'dae celebration with the youth group at a park by the Brisbane river. It was just a simple reliable chocolate banana cake recipe that I had used many times. It's a great recipe to use up overripe banana and the addition of bananas contributes to a moist cake even without the use of milk. Even people who are not allergic to dairy products gave it the thumbs up.

This was designed and made especially for my beloved SIL, Becky,in celebration of her belated 21st b'dae (which supposed to be on the 6/12/08). The cupcakes were rose flavoured with a lychee filling and topped with raspberry cream cheese frosting. The addition of almond meal kept this cupcakes moist for a longer period of time too. Being a non cupcake lover, I actually tasted one and thought about keeping this recipe for future use again.

So even though I haven't been blogging much, I have been fairly busy in my kitchen with the b'daes, trying out new recipes and also to satisfy the baking bug in Tashy who regularly pester me to bake something with her. With the weather getting warmer by the day, I sense myself growing distance with my oven. Been working on non baked recipes such as coconut apricot balls which has always been a favorite of Josh. Its such a easy and healthy snack to make with just the addition of diced apricots, dessicated coconut, peanut butter, honey or condensed milk, sesame seeds, rolled oats and you just have to roll them all together. If it doesn't come together, just add more honey/ peanut butter (depending on how sweet/ peanutty you like it to be). If its too sticky, put in more seeds or grain. Roll them into little balls and keep refrigerated. They were so yum that half the tray was gone before I can put them into container for the next few mornings' morning tea!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Strangely enough, a similar pattern/ habit of being uninterested of my blog and the blogging world had reoccurred again with this 2nd preggy. I just do not enjoy writing as much and even though there's so much for me to blog about, the inspiration just doesn't flow. Just want to say that we are still pretty much alive and kicking but just need a moment of silence in the blogging world for probably the next few months till our little bub comes. May the arrival of our 2nd bub bring about that bout of inspiration and sharing-ness to this blog. Till then...........